I've been off the HCG diet for over 8 months and have successfully kept off the 20 pounds I lost. I have fluctuated a little bit here and there but I also work out a lot (6 days a week sometimes 2 times a day), so I know that I am building muscle. I am very happy that I chose to do the diet, I worked out for a year and ate healthy before starting the diet and stopped losing weight once I got to 20 pounds lost. I plan on doing the HCG diet again in August, after my wedding. I hate to wait but I already bought my dress so I have no choice. Looking forward to losing the last 15 pounds I can't seem to lose. This diet is great I have seen so many people succeed with it. I have seen people who have gained all the weight back after but they also didn't follow the Phase 3 and 4 and went back to their old habits. Once good thing about this diet is that you learn what to eat and retrain your brain, so that you figure out how much you should eat to maintain your weight loss.