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Thread: Menu examples for the 1st 3 days of P3

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    In the Phase 3 thread, under Linda's Instructions sticky post, she says you can have a cup of milk, but don't start adding too many things at once. I think of the first week of P3 as "P2+", because there's no restrictions on the quantity, but I stick to similar foods and add new foods in one at a time. I don't want my system to be overwhelmed by too much change. Take it slow.

    Of course, you have to try and see how your body responds. I think the recommendation is to add in cheese after about a week.

    Have you re-read the P3 instructions lately? You might find it helpful, with your new "post-P2" viewpoint.

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    Thank you lisa <3
    I shall

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    The first week of Phase 3 I would not eat the cheese. Only 1 cup whole milk. Then add 2-3 ounces of cheese in the second week of P3.

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