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Thread: I've just started a VLOG - anyone want to follow my journey? I'd love your support :)

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    Smile I've just started a VLOG - anyone want to follow my journey? I'd love your support :)

    Hi lovely people,

    I've been SO inspired by watching other people's Vlogs in my first few days on HCG, that I decided to start my own!

    I started filming myself a few days ago, and have already posted some pretty funny and interesting videos about my journey since then. My intention is to be as inspiring as possible, while still showing the gritty truth of life on HCG!

    I'd love it if some of you who are also doing P2 would subscribe to the vlog and support me on my journey. It's so lovely to feel that we are all doing this together!

    And any HCG veterans who want to watch me, I hope you enjoy it too! There's some pretty unique stuff coming out of my mouth...

    YOU CAN WATCH THE VLOG RIGHT HERE: http://www.youtube.com/user/HappyConsciousGal

    Ooh and I'd love it if you posted comments on the videos about what your experience has been like in P2. So we can all support each other.

    This has been such a fun ride so far - I'm so excited you can join me on it! (No need for seatbelts )

    HappyConsciousGal xx
    Watch my HappyConsciousGal VLOG *RIGHT HERE*
    I love all your comments... especially the juicy ones!
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    I am so glad you are part of this site. I look forward to your notes throughout your journey.

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    HappyConsciousGal, I just watched your latest VLOG and I LOVED your "goodbye to the kilos" ceremony! Best of luck to you in reaching your goal weight!

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    You are doing AWESOME !!!

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