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Thread: Just had my first HCG *mouth-gasm*! Snapper and Fennel - yummmmm!

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    Red face Just had my first HCG *mouth-gasm*! Snapper and Fennel - yummmmm!

    Hi lovely people,

    I'm definitely no chef. Indeed my criteria for a meal is that it takes less than ten minutes to cook. So HCG's simplicity is perfect for me!

    But that being said, even I was starting to get sick of fish and spinach, fish and cucumber, fish and celery... (I am a Vegequarian, so can't do the meat variations.)

    All that was swept away by the KING of all HCG meals tonight - fennel and snapper sauteed in vegetable broth and spices, then placed under grill to crisp. Mmmmmm!

    It was so yummy I had to grab my camera and film a VLOG about it. You can watch it here:

    If you haven't tried fennel yet in P2, check it out - it's a game changer!

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