I have done this diet a few (3-4) times. Only the first time was really successful. The first time was real drops, worked great. Zero hunger, zero to few issues at all. Any issues I did have were rapidly fixed by Linda, whom I miss dearly, as she helped me through the next couple rounds as well.

Second round was with the synthetic drops. Horrible, horrible experience. I had constant hunger that Linda helped me through. I think I made another 30-35 days that round.

Third/fourth rounds, homeopathic drops. Still bad experiences, one of which I started massive hives that wouldn't go away for anything. One of these rounds I only did 3-5 days on the drops because they flared right back up again after starting them.

Why I am doing another round is beyond me. Here I am, day 2 of VLCD and I'm STARVING to the point of stomach cramping. I KNOW I loaded well. I'm drinking my recommended water, plus a TON more, and tea. I feel tired, lethargic, and HUNGRY. All. The. Time. Within 5-10 minutes of eating, I'm starved again. I don't get it. I have tried a couple of things that Linda had suggested, and will continue to try them. In the hopes that SOMETHING will work.

I am also horribly disappointed in how this forum went from awesome help, to ghost town. I don't want to call the call center. I have done that before and gotten advice that CLEARLY went completely against the original diet that I studied and researched for 3 years before attempting my first round.

I know that the original diet and drops work. I've experienced it first hand. I just hope I can survive another 45-60 days of this without being hospitalized for malnutrition or something crazy like that. I don't think I will bother with the last planned round. Nor will I recommend this product or site to ANYONE ever again.