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    Hi there. I am p2d7. I am down 6.6. The question is that I am noticing that my muscle percent is going down and my body fat percentage is not really moving at all. Should I be worried that I have done this wrong this time around? Am I only losing muscle?


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    I can't believe something potentially this serious has gone unanswered. Did you get an answer at all??
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    Hi MayneCoon - I am sorry that this did not go answered. I check the forum regularly, but this question did not pop up until now. I will have our IT department look into this particular issue.

    Regarding the muscle percentage going down and the body fat staying the same, how far along on the diet were you at the time this was happening? You shouldn't lose much muscle other than not exercising much while on the diet. Over time the body fat percentage should go down as you are losing abnormal fat while on the diet, in the form of both pounds and inches. ~ Sadie
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