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Thread: Members only site????????????

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    Members only site????????????

    Okay I'm starting to really get frustrated here.

    There is absolutely zero help here, and now I can't get help from the members only site?!

    This is ridiculous!

    I have been on here everyday, and no one is here?! Not even Sadie?!

    No coaches, no members only site, and an abandoned forum?! Seriously?!

    I understand I'm only one person, but Gezzzz. I am doing a diet that can be very challenging
    And I don't have anyone that cares enough to be here.

    I'm mean!!!! Something just isn't right here. It's a good thing I'm not dying!!!

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    Hi Tattooed Beauty - have you been getting my replies to you? Right now the member's only site is under construction. They are moving it to a new server and I know they are diligently working on it to get it up and running as soon as possible. I am definitely here to help and you can always call us at 877-748-2709 for assistance as well. We are available by phone Monday - Friday from 8am - 4pm MST. ~ Sadie
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