I have been on the HCG diet a few times, with great success!! This time around, I wanted to try and make my proteins a little bit more flavorful, and I found Wildtree. Wildtree makes organic spices, blends, and marinades. SOME of which are usuable during phase 2!! I have about 4 - 6 of their blends that I have been using for this round with great success. Please message me if you are interested in more, or ask me on this thread, and I will gladly list the ones I have been using with their ingredients so that you can see for yourself!

As most people know, each round is different for each person, and it is possible that not everyone will have the same results. If you would like to try them, please let me know!! They are awesome spices!!! Then when you are done with your round there will be over 200 products that will help make it easier to keep your food healthy AND convenient!