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Thread: Gaining in P3, Steak Day did not work

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    Gaining in P3, Steak Day did not work

    What do you do if a steak day does not work? Does that mean maybe I am not getting enough protein? I have been holding right at 1.6 above ldw and on Monday went .2 over so I did a steak day, was not able to attribute to starch or sugar at all, I think I had a little too much milk as I had an extra coffee. Anyway, the weight settled back at 1.6 over. I have just decided maybe that is where my body wants to be right now.
    Today I am 3.6 over ldw! I cannot attribute to a cheat as l have not had sugar or starch but I did have a few shredded carrot pieces in a salad over lunch and some green beans with my dinner last night so am thinking I am not ready for those yet, but do I do a steak day again today? This is my second round and with the first one I did not have any problems stabilizing and actually was always within 2 or 3 under ldw, this time I am following my same patterns according to the advice on here and am not stabilizing well at all. What to do?

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    Hi Desperate - How far over your LDW were you when you did the last dose weight? From what I'm reading it looks like you were 1.8lbs over your LDW when you did the steak day. What foods have you been eating other than the carrots & green beans while you have been on maintenance? Also, how long have you been on the maintenance phase?

    Anytime you go over 2lbs from your LDW, you should do a steak day. If you are within the 2lb range of your LDW, do not do a steak day. Just cut back a little bit on the foods you are eating to help get your weight a little lower. Once I have a little more information about the foods you are eating on maintenance, we can go from there.
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    Hi Desperate, I was just wondering if you ever solved your gaining issues? I just posted in the p3 thread asking about a similar issue I am having. Titled it. "Day 6 of p3...and frustrated" but I'm not sure how fast people reply in this forum, so I would love to hear what u were told and how that went for you.

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