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Thread: Thinking ahead

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    Thinking ahead

    My last round was over a year ago. Does the time between rounds matter that much if there is a chunk of time off in between? I would like to do another round 6 weeks after ending this one. I've done several rounds before, but have not always done them correctly, so not sure on round spacing.

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    Hi Tiffany - You would definitely want to do the minimum of 6 weeks of maintenance (3 weeks of no sugars/starches, followed by 3 weeks of adding them back in). I wouldn't start adding the sugars/starches back in though for a minimum of 3 weeks. If you are still having a hard time stabilizing at that point, continue without them until you are able to stabilize your weight, then slowly work them back in. If you need help staying on track during maintenance as well, please let us know!
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