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Thread: Help.. What constitutes Cheating?

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    Help.. What constitutes Cheating?

    Hello Linda,

    What is defined as cheating? I am on the VLC portion of the diet day 14. I have been doing very well until yesterday. I was running around because I have a newborn so I asked my hubby to prepare my food. I told him to put the fish in the steamer. Unbeknownst to me he put it in the steamer after he based it with melted butter, old bay seasoning and 1/2 a lemon. I already had my whole lemon for the day with my ACV. I don't know what he was thinking. So I ask, does this constitute cheating? If so must I start over and how do I do such? I didn't loose or gain this morning. Overall I am down 15pounds.

    Thank You

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    Sorry, the butter will set you back and is a cheat. You don't change anything but stay on VLCD for 21 days beyond the cheat to ensure the damage is repaired. So sorry this happened to you.

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    I was going to do 45 days...

    Thanks Linda. I was going to do the 45 days. Does that mean I start counting 45 days from today? Also if I don't loose tomorrow, do I need to do an apple day?

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