First day of loading and I have to say I feel miserable, Iíve read many of the post out there and know that this was expected but didnít really realize how sick Iíd feel. I think a lot of it has to do with the whipping cream and milk Ė I hardly ever drink milk. I want to fight through it as Iíve read this is the best thing to do. I have been on many diets and had success but then fall back into the wrong routine. This is also the first time Iíve been completely honest with my husband, telling him what Iím doing and sharing my weight chart (that was very hard). My goal is to feel good and have my pants fit again at the end of May, my youngest son graduates June 1st. I want to be able to choose from the many dresses I have and know any of them will fit. While waiting on my drops to come in Iíve been reading the posts and I love the support there is out here. I hope to become more of a joiner than a reader. I should have looked this up before posted but I think I'm in R1P2D1.