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Thread: Skin Care & Treatments

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    Skin Care & Treatments


    I am thrilled to have made it to P3. This was my first commitment to a real program and there were low moments that I passed in in P2. So now I have this amazing weight loss (seriously 27 lbs and no exercise?!) and super-duper dry skin. (The bottom of my feet have never been so rough, overall skin and even the fingertips feel strangely dry). I know as we introduce fats things will get better and we can use lotions too. But this is so dry... Does anyone have a treatment to recommend or a process they have to battle the roughness? I have wood chips at the bottom of my heels!

    Also, when are we allowed to have massages again? My HCG battle buddy and I are going to have a celebratory spa day when permitted.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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    Since you are on P3 I would get Gold Bond Ultimate healing with allowed. It is for ultra dry skin and it is the first thing I put on the first day of phase 3.

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    Thanks Linda! Also are we allowed to get massages now?

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