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Thread: New Year's Resolve

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    Wink New Year's Resolve

    Ok, I am sure we will get a lot of new people joining over the next week or so, that's a given! So, some thoughts... I started my 3rd round the day after Christmas and I have lost over 8 pounds so far. I am trying to think more about establishing healthier eating habits instead of depriving myself.(that's how I always viewed diets) I keep reminding myself that when I weigh less I can do so much more, not to mention looking and feeling a lot better. I am 61 years old and want to live out the rest of my life in a better "place" than I've ever been. I know, it's hard. But I know that this stuff works and will only work if I care enough about myself. No drinks for me tonight, just a better attitude and a lot to look forward to. I raise my glass of green tea to toast the New Year...hope all of you make it a good one!--Marti

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    Happy New Year to you!! You are doing Great. I have a couple more days of P3 then on to P4 I want to do one more round after the new year !Probably in March I am up today 2.6 ughhh but I am not going to worry much about it Good ol TOM showed up last night and I had an apple with almond butter last night after work at 9pm I know better I cant eat late without a gain. Lots of water today and I guess a steak day !!!

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    Happy New Year dear ones! Marti, You are right, others will be joining us here soon. You will just be a little ahead of them. Having been where they are now, your encouragement and advice will be invaluable.

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