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Thread: Yogurt snack...

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    Yogurt snack...

    Ok, I just made a pretty yummy snack with Yogurt..

    This would be a phase 3, (Week 2 ish recipe I think) I also have a phase 4 modification...

    I used full fat greek yogurt
    stevia drops to taste (I used chocolate)
    Fruit of your choice... (I have apples in mine now, but use strawberries as well)
    I then added crushed candied pecans (recipe here http://community.yourhcg.com/showthread.php?t=5877)

    This is YUMMY!!!!

    Phase 4 modifications would be more available fruits, as well as using a honey flavored full fat greek yogurt instead of the stevia. (I have also found a honey-strawberry full fat greek yogurt, both of which are too sweet for me, so I tone the sweet down with plain full fat greek yogurt)

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    For Phase 3 I would use raw pecans and add a mixture of fruits. I would avoid the candied nuts until the 3rd week. But it is SOOOOOOO good!

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