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Thread: R6P2D28 Soooo Weak!

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    R6P2D28 Soooo Weak!

    Last 3 days I've been dragging. No energy, more hunger. 2.75 more to go until my goal but this huge fatigue is scaring me. I've lost fairly quickly- 23.25 in 27 days. Should I add more protein? I've been walking about 40 minutes a day but today I could hardly make it home.

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    I would send Linda an email, make sure she knows who you are when you email her...

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    I know you said you were super close to your goal- then are you done with this?? Maybe your fat remaining is so little now, you aren't "eating" much of it anymore?? Sounds like you need some more calories- can you stop now, and do your 72 hours with no drops??

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