DAY 30!!! Whoa! My round flew by and now my last 3rd phase is coming to a close.
Entering phase 4 at the point is a blessing as surgery is fast approaching.
The past year has been, great! I have watched my body shrink and minimize.

It's kind of unbelievable at the difference.

I never would have imagined I would have had these kind of results.
My body looks like it did when I was 20. I am not use to my body as
it spent the last year changing, so I have a lot of soul searching to do.
When I started out. I was miserable! I could barely move about. Walk up steps.
Walk through the stores or the mall. I wouldn't walk the trails at the local Metro parks.
I stopped going out because I felt my weight.
I was 268.9 lbs, and at 5 foot 5 inches short. That's way to much weight. I am small framed to boot
so my bones were sore and full of daily achy's and pains.
My mental status was suffering because I never ever was that big. For years!!! I denied that I was fat.

Me?! Fat?! Never! That thought hit a wall one morning during a slight psychotic break. I realized. I'M FAT!!

I looked into HCG years before I ordered, because a friend of mine did it and had much success.
I was kicking myself after doing my first round 45 days. because I felt great after losing 35lbs.
I finished my first round, and was instantly ready to go into my second round. So I
finished up my phases and started my second round that following month (because of Christmas)
My second round was done in 60 days. Lost a ton of weight and inches. Round 3 took place and I'm
in day 30 in P3 and still chipping away at pounds more so inches, but the pounds are slowly moving.
My current weight is 147.6. I am a GYMRAT (when allowed) Never would have thought in a million years
that I would say. I am a gym member! I have full mobility. I am not in pain any longer. I am at a healthy weight
for the first time in over 10 years. I am in a size 8 pant and come from a 28.

I was in a size 4x top for comfort. I am now in a xs to a small. For those of you who are just starting and don't think you will success. I am living prove.....IT WORKS!!!!