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    Ah ok cool. I can stay on P3 I am pretty comfortable here :-) I understand natural forms of sugar - fruits, honey, etc. What is natural starch? Potatoes? I am just asking to understand but won't be having them right away.

    Yesterday I had 2 more new items - 3 pieces of watermelon (each piece about 2.5 inches) and 1 breadstick. I also tried new fish - Petrale sole for the first time. It was so light and yummy. Loved it ! This morning, after all these food, I weighed 115.4 ! LOL I am happy but I know the 1lb loss is from my normal fat. I will do some beef soup today :-)

    Thank you Linda. Hope you are doing well. My business trip got cancelled

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    *My business trip to So Cal got cancelled

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    Sorry about the SoCal trip
    A natural form of starch is potato, corn, steel cut oatmeal, rice

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    Thank you Linda.

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