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Thread: Bought size 10 jeans.

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    Wink Bought size 10 jeans.

    So, I went to the department store to get an outfit due to the lack of
    any of my clothes fitting. The last shopping trip was bad. UGH! So I was
    dreading it. To the petite I got. I find a nice pair of jeans. Both size 10 and 12
    Hummmm! Should I try the 10's. I thought. Yes! Try the 10's. So with just a little work
    I got them up and realized. THEY FIT. I teared up! Okay I cried. Dang! lol I haven't been
    in a 10 since 2003. This was a real eye opener than. I'M SKINNY!!!!!! From a size 28 to 10
    in 11 months! Hot, DANG!!!!

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    Oh Sierra, I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! That is an incredible feeling.

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    WOW!!!!! That is AWESOME Sierra!!!!

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    congratulations!!! enjoy every second in those jeans very happy for you!

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    Wow nice job, its crazy when you realize that your not big anymore. Sometimes looking in the mirror it doesn't hit you, until you go shopping, lol.

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