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    Question newbie

    Hello, I deem it a honor to be apart of this informational community. I am a newbie, with so many questions. I am in the process of choosing a HCG PROGRAM, but I'M not sure if I want oral or injections. I am intersted in the 800 calories programs. I have about 40lbs shed. I am from the Philadelphia area, and it is very difficult to find a medical professional who administers the type of HCG program that I am interest in joining. I am hoping that this forum will guide and support me in my quest. Thank you.

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    WELCOME! Just so you know, we use only the original 500 calorie protocol here. I and others have found diverting from the original results in smaller losses.

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    Welcome, you will get lots of support and information here! Linda is a wealth of wisdom!
    ~Jacqué. Committed to this process and attaining a healthier more active size.

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