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Thread: New and Need HELP

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    Unhappy New and Need HELP

    I have been taking the HCG drops for 14 days now, and NO i did not expect a miracle, but I did expect to some something, I have only lost 2lbs, and I don't know what to do, I am taking the drops like it says to take them 6 drops, 6 times a day, and I am following the meal guidelines, but still nothing, you would think after 14 days I would lose more then 2lbs Advise Please????

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    Something is definitely wrong. You should have lost at least 7 lbs.....Linda will help you fix it! She will want to know exactly what you've been eating and drinking, spices and beauty products used. Good luck!

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    I need you to send me the details of your menu. Be SPECIFIC as much details as you can give me. I need measurements and all seasonings used. I need to know the amount of water you drink per day. Be as detailed as you can. Try not to worry, we will figure this out together. Linda@yourhcg.com.

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