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Thread: Has anybody else been doing the new updated 800 calorie HCG version?

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    Has anybody else been doing the new updated 800 calorie HCG version?

    So I have done the normal HCG 500 cal diet a few times. But when I went to start it again after 6 months away, I went online and found that someone had went studied, and updated the 50 yr old diet. Now allowing up to 800 calories a day, and updating allowable food lists. I used to wonder why this was not done as a lot has changed in 50 years since Dr. Simeon developed the diet.

    I have been doing the new protocol and have had the same great results.

    I just wonder if anybody else has been doing it.

    You can search hcg 800 calorie diet protocol

    Dr. Lipman is his name I beleive.

    I am NOT trying to sway anyone away from yourchg.com because that is what I use every round, but there is some new info, and believe me the extra 2-300 calories a day makes this diet even easier.

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    It is not something they do on this site and I strongly advise against it.

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    Dr. Emma, who has been on Dr. Oz defending the HCG protocol a couple of times, does it this way. She has done some serious studying of the HCG diet and seems to think it's the way to go.

    I've been watching a lot of Robin Phipps Woodall on Youtube, who wrote Weight Loss Apocalypse. She advocates for following your hunger cues rather than doing a regimented diet of certain amounts of food, and in doing so, I've been under my 500 calories for several days. It's interesting. And HCG Chica has a vlog on getting your dosage right, in which case, you shouldn't be hungry enough for 800 calories. Just food for thought about the different folks who do things different ways. I know that if I'm following my hunger cues, there's no way I'd want to eat 800 calories right now... unless we expanded the protocol to include chocolate ice cream.

    Just some thoughts!
    Harmony HCG

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