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Thread: tilapia recipes.... shrimp recipes too...?

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    tilapia recipes.... shrimp recipes too...?

    I had a rough time last round with seafood last round after I was struck with the stomach flu after eating fish. I kept trying to re add it to my diet but no luck. I'm trying it again this round... but I need as many recipe options as possible so I can give this a god go.

    1. I buy the precooked shrimp... how should I reheat/cook it? It always ends up rubbery for me, and really all I do is season it with salt and pepper... I think I did some Tabasco (I can't remember if that's ok lol) And whats the best veggie to pair with shrimp? I saw tomato... that makes sense.

    2. Tilapia, I don't think I saw any recipes for tilapia. Off protocol the only way I cook it is with creole mmmm but that's a no go so tips?

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    Sorry, precooked food is not allowed. Everything must be raw when measured.

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