Hi everyone I am back for R4
R1 and 2 were awesome rounds... R3 was a struggle I didn't load correctly I only loaded one day .Because I didn't want to put on any more weight and trust me that causes issues! Once I got into P3 and 4 I slowly started gaining and sick of doing steak days ! I gained 10-12lbs back !
Anyway im back for R4 I loaded for 2 days on fats and I feel good no hunger or any other issues yet LOL
My first day of VLCD that night TOM showed up early! I decided to go ahead and start and not worry about the first week losses.
I am R4P2D5 and Im down 8lbs even with TOM! My LDW on R3 was 129 today I am 137 lbs shooting for 125 I have lost about 50lbs total
Glad to be back ! Melanie