New brilliant discovery!

I found out that I could give my tough as shoe leather London broil steaks to the butcher and he would "tenderize" them. (e.g. turn them into cube steaks)
As a side benefit, this stretches your steak out a LOT so that it actually looks like a "normal" sized piece of meat!

3.5 oz London broil cube steak
1 Tbsp milk
1 Grassini breadstick
Salt, pepper, garlic, onion powders.

use a smooth sided glass to smash bread stick into fine powder on a large flat plate. Sprinkle garlic, salt and pepper into breadcrumbs.
Season meat liberally with spices of your choosing. Use 1 Tbsp (or a little less) of milk to saturate both sides of your very porous cube steak.
Dredge both sides of steak in breadcrumbs and fry (without oil) as you normally would. I used my Foreman grill, but a little bit of water in the bottom of a non-stick pan would work as well.