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Thread: apparently I am not the LOSER my parents thought I was

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    Unhappy apparently I am not the LOSER my parents thought I was

    joking, but what the heck? A week and a half has gone by and I have lost ONE freaking pound. Goal is to lose 60-80
    --following all the eating requirments strictly.
    --following all the allowed products
    --I struggle to drink enough but still drinking at last 2/3 of what I should be
    --I do struggl to hit the every 2 hour rquirements...but always get the drops in by the 3rd hour.
    --working out 3-4x week.

    And only lost ONE pound during this time. What am I missing? What can I do?
    I feel like I am losing some inches, but not drastically and not where it is noticable yet.

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    First off work outs are not allowed unless it is mild to moderate walking. I would also like to see how much you are measuring and what you are eating. Try not to worry we will figure this out. If you aren't losing early on it is probably due to a dietary oversight and can easily be fixed.

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