Do you find it hard to stay motivated on P2?
Feel the urge to cheat?
Have fears that are stopping you from being slim?
Wish you could love yourself more?
Done a round and put the weight back on?

Dear friends,

I'm a HCGer from sunny Australia. After doing 2 rounds, I've liberated 50 pounds and am the lightest I've ever been in my life. Yippee!

A lot of HCGers who watch my vlog on YouTube started writing to me asking for help with their mindset/emotional/psychological challenges on HCG. I realised that so many people need help with this aspect of the HCG journey, so I decided to write a series of eBooks about it...

** EXCITING NEWS! I wanted to let you know that my first HCG eBook, "MINDSET MAGIC!" has just been published on Amazon! You can download it on Amazon for only $4.95 right here:

"MINDSET MAGIC!" is part of a Series of seven books I'm writing called the “HCG Holistic Series”.

This first book “MINDSET MAGIC!” teaches you how to prepare your mindset thoroughly before you start the HCG Diet or before you start your next Round, so that you will sail through it easily without cheating, lose the maximum possible amount of weight and keep it off for good. The book contains short simple processes you can use to set up a powerful mindset for the HCG Protocol and prepare yourself psychologically for the challenges ahead.
In this book, you will learn how to:

• Find powerful motivations to help you stick with the Diet through thick and thin.
• Set winning goals for your HCG journey.
• Get past any doubts you have leftover from previous dieting experiences.
• See your HCG Journey as a period of opportunity rather than deprivation.
• Shift your limiting beliefs that are undermining your HCG success.
• Get your Subconscious on board to help you stick to the HCG Diet rules.
• Make vision boards and other tools to lock in your goals
• Take self-responsibility for your own body shape and weight problems.
• Increase your self love and confidence.
• Come into your HCG Journey from a deep place of trust on all levels.
'Mindset Magic!' is equally helpful for people starting the HCG Diet for the very first time, and for people about to embark on their 2nd, 3rd or later Round.

♥ People in our HCG community have started reading the book and I'm already getting amazing feedback! It makes me so happy to hear how much it's helping people :-)

Here's the first review I received on Amazon, from a HCGer on YouTube:

"I bought and read the Mindset Magic! book in one sitting and I loved it! I am going out first thing tomorrow morning to buy a notebook and some fun pens, I can't wait to get started on all of the processes set out by Happy Conscious Gal in the book. I am preparing to do my third round at the end of December. I was quite successful on my first round but sputtered and limped my way through the second round having pesky problems with mindless/emotional eating. So, I have committed to taking my time to properly prepare for a successful third round and I just know that if I work through the processes in the book they will help me change my mindset. I would also like to add if you haven't seen Happy Conscious Gal on youtube you should check her videos out. Her positive outlook is very inspiring! I highly recommend this book and I can't wait for the other books in the series to become available."

(If you want to know more about the book, I make an excited vlog about it here:

This book is my contribution to the HCG community, after you have all been soooo supportive of my journey. I'm so grateful to be able to give back like this.

I can't wait to hear back from you how much it is helping you on your next round!

Much love,
Happy♥Conscious♥Gal x x

PS: Mindset Magic!" is a Kindle eBook, but DON'T WORRY if you don't have a Kindle! You can still read the book on your computer (PC or Mac), on your iPhone or other smartphone, or on your ipad or other tablet. All you have to do is download a free Kindle reader for your computer/phone/tablet. You can do that HERE:

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