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Thread: Thanksgiving was a, hit!

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    Thanksgiving was a, hit!


    I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

    I was dreading this day. I am only in my first week of maint. So, I was not sure how it was all gonna work out.
    It made it easy on me because I didn't cook this year. I am a taster. I have to taste every single dish I prepare so

    I know it's perfect. So no cals. for me there.

    Then....I still had the worry of how I was going to handle being at my in-laws and Aunts house with all the soul foods and southern cooking.
    I am happy to say I did wonderful!!!! Once we Blessed the food. I looked at all the choices. I was only allowed to have two out of the 20 things on the table.
    An that was Turkey and gravy. Mac salad, Potato salad, Greens, Yams, Stuffing, Ham, Backed mac and cheese, Banana pudding, green beans & potatoes. Cole slaw,
    Cornbread, Cranberry sauce, Apple sauce, Bread pudding, Jello molds, pies of all kinds, cakes, cookies, cheese cakes, 4 different types of rolls. Pops, juices etc.....

    I only had Turkey and gravy.
    I was a lil nervous about the amount of turkey I had, because it was new to me since I've been off my drops. And the gravy. I just put enough to wet the Turkey.
    After we got done eating. Me and my husband and the BLACK FRIDAY TEAM. Plan our attack for about two hours. lol With ads and price list for price adjustments. Where to start and sale to hit first. Who was going to what store. And who was in what line and who many tickets need for that item. And we was off to get the deals of the day, being they started black Friday sales at 8 last night.

    I woke today dreading weighting myself thinking I did bad with the Turkey and gravy. The shopping paid off. I lost .9 ounces. I have not gained anything since stopping the drops. I actually been losing still. Not a whole lot, but I'm still losing. I'M DOWN TO 233.1!!!!!!!! AND AFTER A HOLIDAY!

    I hope you all had a great holiday.

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    Sierra, NICE JOB GIRL!! So happy for you. I found yesterdays meal satifying with 1 dollup of everything except turkey which I had a good portion of. No seconds. Four hours later I had left over turkey with a just a little mustard on it.

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    Thank you so much. It was great to hear all the nice comments about my weight loss, too! The reaction to me was a little overwhelming. With the compliments and all the people coming up asking how much weight I have loss and what I am doing. As I have mentioned. No one but my husband knows what I am doing. I found that harder to deal with than the food and not being able to eat the majority of it.
    It boosted me up. BIG TIME!!! That I proved to myself that I am strong and I have a "will power" I'm so ready for Christmas to get here. I will be starting my next round January one, 2013.

    I cannot wait!

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    Hi Sierra you and I are at about the same place. Thursday was D8 for me in P3. I ate turkey and Brussels sprouts and gained .25. I found how hard old habits dye. I was asked to cut the pies and before I knew it a piece of broken crust was in my mouth! I also found myself taking a taste of stuffing while cleaning up (I have always been a "picker" and need to conquer this habit once and for all).

    You did so well...congratulations!!!!

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    Thank you ssieber.

    As for you, it could have been worst.
    You did great as well. I really wanted everything, BAD! But! I just kept telling myself. I don't need it. I can get past it. IT'S JUST FOOD!!

    Isn't it funny how something that can't talk to you or touch you can have that kind of power? I have build a will not to give in early on.

    I keep the "skinny" me in mind.

    I keep thinking of how happy my doctor will be to see me for my yearly visit in Feb. He has been on me about losing weight for a LONG WHILE.

    As I always say. Your a day closer to the end everyday you get through.

    Here's to being healthy!!!!

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    The first hit I had, I was like...What the heck is that sound? Took me a second or two to realize it was the ALPs, I hadnt heard it before. The RedLine screamin at me with a new sound added to the confusion

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