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Thread: Size of drops?

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    Size of drops?

    I have a question about the drop amount. (Husband on Wife's account, btw).

    I have followed the directions with 6 drops 6 times a day, currently on R1P2D9 and everything is going great, I'm down 12.8lbs. However though, I still get really hungry a few hours after each meal, the drops does not suppress my hunger at all it seems.

    We bought four 2oz bottles for 2 rounds each, but after 8.5 days doing 6 drops 6 times a day I've just used below a 1/2 inch of the bottle. At this rate I can EASILY do at least two full rounds of 25-30 days from my first 2oz bottle instead of one 30 day round like it's supposed to last for (my wife has used the same amount of her bottle as me). We've tried make big drops, drop from different angles etc, but the drops are still roughly the same size.

    So my question is, are we doing something wrong? Did we miss something somewhere? If 2oz is for 30 days then we both obviously are using too little drops, and is that why I still get really bad hunger feelings every day?



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    So I just talked to our friends who have done 2 rounds of this successfully and they say they use up pretty much a whole 2oz bottle in one round, so we're doing something wrong, even though I cant figure it out.

    But 2oz = 60 ml/30=2ml, so the dose should be 2ml/day. 2ml/6= 0.33ml per dose.

    So I did a little test by dropping 6 drops into a 0.5ml insulin syringe which only measured up to ~ 0.15 ml, I did it 6 times to get a base line and every time it ended up at the 0.15ml mark, this is where I get confused because there's no way to make bigger drops etc. And it means that we've taken less than half the dose each time, which I hope explains the lack of hunger suppression that everyone else seems to be getting from the drops.

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    After reading up more about it, I've learned that the correct dose of 125 I.U is 1.5 cc/ml. So we'll start taking 0.25ml 6 times a day from now on using a syringe

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    Please don't measure that way please go back to 6 drops 6 times a day IMMEDIATELY. Don't worry. Your bottle is normal looking initially it feels like you aren't making a dent and then it will catch up. The bottle will last 31 - 33 days at 6x6 per day.

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