Okay, so I'm finally trying to start the protocol. It says that we have to grill one of the meat choices. I'm not that good at cooking so does this mean that we actually have to grill it or can we just put it in the oven? Also, it says that the fish has to be fresh, but I know I can't go out and buy fresh fish everyday. Is it okay to freeze the fish or refrigerate it to have some for a few days? Another thing I need help with are the spices. I do not know how to use spices beyond salt, pepper, and sugar.

I am really curious what meals others were able to concoct for lunch and dinner. If I were cooking like usual, I wouldn't have much of a problem but since I have to follow a specific protocol, it seems a little difficult. The only thing keeping me from starting the program right now is that I don't know what meals to put together and I don't want to end up making something that negatively affects my results. If I could get some ideas on what to pair the listed spices with that would help too. One more thing that would be great is if someone could suggest a brand of chicken breast to buy.

I hope these aren't silly questions because I really want to make sure I do this right. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! ^_^