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Thread: What stops me from cheating.

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    Red face What stops me from cheating.


    I have found this diet easy, (as far as cheating goes).

    When I first heard about HCG about 3 to 4 years ago. A friend of mine was doing it.
    I thought she had went completely mad. I watched her drop and drink water like a fish. I wasn't feeling it AT ALL.
    I watched her make her food, drink her ACVC and would cringe. I wouldn't say much about it in a negative way
    as I had my own troubles with weight, but I didn't really take notice to it like I did 5 months ago. It took me gaining
    over 50 lbs + in that time. It wasn't until the three or so years past and the weight started to make me feel like a different person.
    I looked in the mirror, but I wasn't staring back. It was a strange lady that didn't look familiar to me. "It was me!"

    I was sick of that lady.
    Everyday she looked at me and she was very sad and unhappy. She felt fat, big, horrible, and very much out of touch with reality.
    I started to look up HCG and the powers that be. I was already knew it worked, but I feared the change. I watch video after video
    of different weight loss journey's of men and woman who was losing on HCG and just had to order it after getting envious, and feeling like I
    too can have what they got. So I got on "YouHCG.com" and placed my first order. It was the 45 day program. I thought. "Okay! This is it" I'm
    getting this weight off. The first week was an eyeopener for me because I took a chance. And chance that I wouldn't have taken if I wasn't
    desperate. I have tried a total of three times to get my act together "weigh wise" but never really had an understanding as to what I wanted out of it.
    I changed me eating habits and started working out. I was taking water pills and diet pills. I dropped from 208 to 170.
    I had to stop with the madness of the pills. I was spending so much money. I finally gave in to the worry of every dollar I was spending. And stopped buying them.

    I continued to workout and eat, what I thought was right. Life caught up with me and I stopped working out. I gained. With work, homeschooling, and other things
    life was throwing at me. I gained on top on a gain. Then was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It seemed like the weight packed on instantly.
    I just didn't know what to do. I gave into being fat. I just lived at that point. In between life happening, stress, illness, and major surgeries. My mom dies.
    That is when things really started to take shape. Mentally I shutdown. My OCD was on high alert and was making things much more intense then they really were.
    Major bouts of depression was on the rise. And bam! The weight came on. I had a whole lot going on for a two year span with legal stuff about my mother which was VERY daunting.
    WEIGHT WEIGHT, and WEIGHT pack on as I would just lay in bed and get force feed. I started to get out more. Drinking heavy and eating bad food. I found comfort in it.

    The day I came to my husband in tears, telling him I hated myself. Is the day I ordered my first round. I seen results faster than anything I have ever done.
    Weight Watchers came into play two years before I lost my mother. I lost 30. But I didn't gain any knowledge on food. Just that I could still eat what I wanted.
    Really? How is that gonna help me? I was on it for 4 moths and 30 lbs later I hit a wall. I was stuck at 30 lbs for a month. Nothing would help. So, as like anyone.
    I quit. What was really the point in continuing if I'm not losing? I should have continued, but I wasn't really ready to fight. I was never really gave the tools to be a winner.
    What makes me not cheat! This works!!! I'm winning here. What more can a person want out of a weight loss program? Why cheat when the day you can have all those wonderful things
    after you take time to care for, YOU! If all I have to do in a day id drop and eat the proper foods, portions, and not cheat to lose. Then, DANG IT! That's what I'm going to do.

    I have learned some much about myself doing these rounds.

    I have also learned what moderation means.

    I have learn to pay attention.

    I have learn my body.

    I have learned that I don't need comfort food to be happy.

    I have learned that there is a whole lot of food we don't need
    and there are so many foods we don't est that we should.

    I will stay healthy now that I understand how my body works and the breakdown of food in the body.

    Sorry for the spill, but I just felt like dishing. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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    I hope you will update this at the end of Phase 4 then copy this and post it to our Victory Lane section. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom

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    What an awesome testimony Sierra. Thanks for sharing! (and ya KNOW I saw more "twin" things in there, LOL)
    ~Jacqué. Committed to this process and attaining a healthier more active size.

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    Sierra, your post is totally amazing!! I am so proud of your accomplishment and almost more than the weight loss is all you have learned about yourself, which will help you stay the course. I am 56 years old and also an RN, but I have experienced the same thing...learning a ton from this journey. I have totally cleaned out my pantry of all the "bad" foods and thrown out all my recipes that are not the healthiest for me. I am slowly but surely finding new foods and recipes that provide the same enjoyment as what I was used to in the past. I am totally relearning how to cook after all these years and it is amazing. Congratulations to you and we will continue on this journey together.
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    Awe, thanks to all of you. Linda I will do so. =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda View Post
    I hope you will update this at the end of Phase 4 then copy this and post it to our Victory Lane section. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom
    Yes Sierra,
    Well said, and WELL DONE on your accomplishments with HCG! You are an inspiration.

    ✿•*¨Valorie •.★

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