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Thread: Stomach issues

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    Stomach issues

    This is the fourth time I have done hcg. I always do well through p2 and even p3. When I start p4 I have issues EVERY time. I am in a phase right now where I get really nauseous, but don't actually vomit, cranky, and headachy after eating. I thought maybe it was after adding starches, but there's no common ties to any specific foods. Today I ate eggs with mushrooms and Swiss. Yesterday it was upset following an apple and popcorn. Foods I never had issues with before. When this happened on round 3 I actually saw my doctor who could find nothing. ULtrasound showed no issues and eventually problems clear up.
    Just wondering if any other hcg clients ever endure this and what could be the cause. Tired of not feeling well.
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    My only issues are going from P2 to P3. I have to basically make soups to transition to eating more or I get horrible cramps. Have you tried to isolate certain foods? Try a food and wait 3 days before adding another food to see if you have any sensitivities to it. I had to do this one of my kiddos who has food issues. Good luck!

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    Yeah...tried to pinpoint it. Always seems to happen in p4 and not typically connected to new foods. Today I felt icky to the point of vomiting after a cheese stick, deli ham, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Thought maybe dairy was a trigger, then though eggs, but even though this is my fourth round it always seems random. Only connection is that maybe my intestines are messed up once I've had to do a few steak days to stabilize here in p4.
    Always happens on my right side. Again, dr found no gallstones or kidney stones, chalked it up to my digestive tract. Oh well....it eventually goes back to "normal".

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    Steak days make me constipated. Hope you figure it out!

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    Hi Twinmommy13 - I would recommend keeping a very detailed food journal to see if you can narrow down the cause. In a food journal, notate what you eat and drink along with the times. Also notate how you felt during the day, stress levels, along with anything like bloating, etc. that might happen on those days. Sometimes an elimination diet after the HCG diet can help you narrow down any food sensitivities i.e. dairy, gluten, sugars, etc. Let me know if you need any support.
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