About an hour ago I just found out that my Great Aunt passed away, she was like a 2nd Grandmother to me, just a rock of sweetness and love to the whole family. 90 years. Beautiful life. Anyway, looking forward to planning for attending the memorial, and the possibility of either the whole family (me, hubby on HCG, 3yo & 5yo) driving down (16hr drive time, but more like ... 20-24 with fractious kids), OR just myself flying down.

Any advice on how to handle this with both hubby and I both in the middle of P2?

Let me preface by saying this protocol is important to me and I do NOT want to quit.

That said, I can't imagine driving and travelling for probably 2 days and the challenge of how to eat.
Even flying, which would be soooo much easier on my travel day to just carry a meal or two w/me, but then I (or us) will be there, spending food filled day after day after day with family, who may/may not be supportive or understanding of what I/we are doing. And then the logistical nightmare of how the heck to eat at all! LOL