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Thread: Recipe book questions

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    Recipe book questions

    Very new newbie.
    I have just started the HCG protocol for the first time, and today is my first day of Very Low Calorie intake.
    I have many questions, LOL
    Several of my questions are about the book "Your HCG Diet Recipes & Tips" and what is "allowed" while doing VLC.
    It seems clear that some of the recipes near the end of the book are intended for after VLC, maybe for the 3 week period when you are eating low carb but not low calorie, but there is no clear many others are confusing as there is no clear separation.
    ~In reading through the recipes, at the bottom of the recipe most of them will say that it counts as "1 protein, 1 vegetable" - but often the recipe will call for 2 cups of vegetables, and then say it counts as "1 vegetable". I don't "get" that.
    ~Also, many of the recipes call for Braggs liquid amino acids - is this allowed during VLC?
    ~In Pounds & Inches, Dr. Simeons says that one lemon is allowed per day, but lemon is not mentioned in the book at all.

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    Welcome! I'm glad you are reading Pounds and Inches - that's the best prep there is. One problem with it is that it doesn't say exactly how much a portion of veggies is - so the rule of thumb here is 2 cups of leafy veggies like lettuce, one cup of the rest. So yes, 2 cups of some veggies are counted as one serving. You are wise to be careful of the recipe book. Frankly, the best results come from keeping your foods simple. No, braggs aren't allowed on VLC. You can use your lemon in your water, or on your veggies or fish or meat - pretty much on whatever you are eating. doesnt really need a recipe. I hope today goes well for you and you see a great loss tomorrow!

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