I have not started loading yet, but I will Saturday. I am just preparing and getting ready with supplies, food, and everything else I need. I has been a while, but I am ready. I am so excited. My husband will be doing the program with me as well. He was on HCG with me before and did great and kept most of his weight off but he did not completely lose all he wanted so he is back on for about 15 pounds.

As I said before, I want to lose about 20 pounds. i am in size 7's now...not good when I came from a size 4!

I am more interested in getting in my clothes and fitting them more than how much I weight, but I like the scale to tell me my results. Linda, I have a question. The last 2 days I am on the drops i will be out of town. Will the effect my weight loss. Can I still get off as usual? There will still be 3 days after I get off to allow the HCG to get out of my system, but I want to know with the 4 hours of traveling there and 4 hours back will that effect my weight loss or progress?