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Thread: Oh no......Vacation time coming up.

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    Oh no......Vacation time coming up.

    So, I'm heading out on vacation in 12 days. I'm currently on day 22 of phase 2 and have lost 18 pounds. I plan on proceeding to phase 3 within the week. (my goal was to lose another 3.8 to 5.8 lbs.) I want to make sure I have time to get my first 3 days of phase 3 in before I live. Figure it would be easier to "eat unprocessed protein every 3 hours to replenish the depleted supply" while I'm home rather than on vacation.

    While I plan on being careful regarding my diet on the trip, I plan on having some ice cream and probably a few other items I should not. What, if anything, should I do when I get back from my trip?

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    Snooter, here is the thing about cheating on maintenance. You will need to maintain your LDW during your vacation. Otherwise you won't be able to maintain the weight loss. This means when you eat ice cream or cheat you will probably gain a lot of weight the next day and therefore you will need to do a steak day to correct the overage. It is really important that you correct your weight any time you are over your LDW by 2.1 pounds which - if you cheat you will be a lot. Otherwise, plan on not being able to maintain your weight loss and having to do another round to fix the damage done. Sugar and starch ingested is never a good idea on phase 3.

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