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Thread: Apple Day not working?

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    Unhappy Apple Day not working?

    I keep going up and down up and down or stalling, even when I haven't cheated or done anything wrong and even apple days donít make a difference. Iím on day 38 phase 2. What can I do? Itís getting frustrating. I was losing really fast and consistently but now itís getting to be nerve wracking stepping on the scale in the morning instead of exciting

    What can I do and whatís going on?

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    I would like to see your menu over the last week. Maybe there is something I can help with. Send me the details Linda@yourhcg.com.

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    Ok, I emailed you.

    But in case it doesn’t go through, here’s what I wrote, because my school email doesn’t work half the time

    Sorry it took me a few days; I’m getting to the end of my final term for
    my masters and have been so insanely busy. Plus I’ve been starting to get
    migraines for some reason (I’ve never gotten them before) and I couldn’t
    even look at a computer screen it was so bad.

    But what I’ve been eating the past couple weeks has been like this pretty

    50 grams of one of the fishes with a handful of approved veggies, usually
    with parsley and apple cider vinegar, sometimes mustard or some other
    approved spice.

    2 apples

    4 egg whites with same stuff as the fish, sometimes I mix tea in with it,
    like green tea, and lemon too.

    I’ve never eaten the melba toast cuz I can’t have gluten.

    Monday it finally went down a pound, but then yesterday went up a pound
    and today too. I think I’m on day 36.

    What’s going on? I’m eating even less than the 500 calories

    Thank you for your help.

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    Please read my email. You are not eating enough protein. You need 100 grams two times a day. No to eggs as well. What seasonings are you using?

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