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About HappyConsciousGal
HappyConsciousGal (HCG!) is a passionate, hilarious & excitable free spirit. She is committed to consciousness, awareness and growth at all levels.

She has just published "MIINDSET MAGIC!", the first of 7 eBooks in her "HCG Holistic Success" series. Exciting!

☼♥☼♥ You can buy the book here:

After struggling with body issues and being overweight for many years, HappyConsciousGal was so excited to go on her HCG journey to fully liberate her fat and finally release it to the universe with gratitude & self-love.

She has liberated close to 50 pounds of fat with this amazing method!

Thank you Dr Simeons!

After a deep healing journey, she has also recovered from a decade of chronic back pain, thanks to the amazing Feldenkrais Method. Now she is slinky as a cat and free as a dolphin! She believes all healing comes from taking self-responsibility for what we have created. She now mentors people around the world in awareness based living, and is sought after as a speaker and writer.

She is so excited you are sharing her journey with her and reading her books... and she welcomes all your juicy comments & loving support.

No need for seatbelts, it's going to be a fun ride!

Watch my HappyConsciousGal VLOG *RIGHT HERE*:

(I love all your comments... especially the juicy ones!
Thanks for your loving support on my HCG journey)
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Mullumbimby, Australia
consciousness, healthy living, Feldenkrais, singing, loving, writing, travel, cuddling kittens!
Inspirational Speaker & Writer, Public Speaking Mentor, Feldenkrais Pracititioner, HCG Coach


Watch my HappyConsciousGal VLOG *RIGHT HERE*
I love all your comments... especially the juicy ones!
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Find me on MyFitnessPal: "HappyConsciousGal"
Fat Liberation Tally: 50 pounds liberated!!!


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