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  1. Days 14 & 15 & 16 complete.
    Down a total of 20 pounds!!
    I tried a shot of apple cider vinegar over the weekend to help with leg cramping—big mistake…though it did help, I felt sick the rest of the day. Gross. Never again.
    I got my period a week early, even while on birth control—which I just stopped taking and will start a new back on Sunday, hopefully it only last a week.
    Discovered the joy of ground chicken and cabbage burgers—awesome! Made watching my family eat BBQ ribs a little easier.
    Husband agreed that as a reward for losing 20 pounds I can splurge and buy crab legs….though, not sure how to cook them. Also, when I am under 200 I can splurge and get lobster tail!! Not sure how to cook that either, but will try….1.6 more pounds!!!
  2. Day 13 complete
    Down 0.4 (17 lbs total!!!)
    I ate venison last night (3.5 oz).
    Here is my reasoning—we are allowed different types of fish, as a long as they are natural and white meat. London Broil is not the same today, as it was 50 years ago. I have gone to the meat market to get it twice and have been given different things—once a roast, once a steak (leaner of the two). SO, I figured, different red meats should be allowed, if lean and trimmed of fat and in moderation. SO, I gave venison a try. I lost weight….I think I would have lost more, but I did have “London broil” the day before. I am not going to have venison every night, and I will use with caution, but I think it is safe….at least for me—this will help save us some money, as we harvest our own deer.
  3. Day 12 complete.
    Down 1.8…FINALLY
    I sort of feel like a crack addict, waiting for my next HCG dose, making sure I always have my bottle with me, watching the clock; kind of funny.
  4. Day 11 complete
    Loss ZERO!!!!!!!!!!
    Angry. Disappointed. I hope this is from the crab mistake and nothing else, I don’t think that I made any dietary mistakes. Grrrrr
    If you look at the big picture—four days and an average of 4 pounds. Trying to stay positive. Better lose something tomorrow!!!
  5. Day 10 complete
    Down 0.8
    Still disappointed, but it’s better than yesterday and probably more realistic then 3 pounds a day. Decided that I do not like Cod fish.

    Day 9 complete
    Down 0.2
    Disappointing. Thanks imitation crab meat! If I was going to cheat, it would have been on something better then imitation crab meat!! Hello, they had like 5 different cakes in the office last week.
    On the positive not, I have now lost a total of 14 pounds!! I must have a perfect diet today.
  6. Day 8 complete
    Down 3 lbs!!!!
    I was scared the crab meat mistake might affect my progress, but it didn’t….or maybe it still will? Didn’t drink enough water today. I want chap stick.
  7. Day 7 complete
    Down 1.4 lbs
    First day on the VLCD at home, and not at work….having to deal with kids, their food, their diapers, and other possible “contaminates” that might adversely affect the HCG.
    They weren’t an issue, but I was!!! I made the mistake of eating imitation crab meat. SO disappointed in myself. I should have been more careful and read the package. Only 3 bites and within 20 minutes I was in the bathroom. I am amazed at how such a small amount of sugar, or whatever, can affect your body!! Had my first BM in three days though, that was nice….ew
  8. Day 6 complete.
    Down another 2.2 pounds!!!
    This diet works!!
    However—I would seriously kill for some damn ketchup or ranch dressing or even freak’in MAYO!!!
    Eating food simply for nutrition, not because it taste yummy, is a hard habit to form.
    Please tell me they make sugar free ketchup that I can use in Phase 3!!
    felt a little nauseous yesterday again and another little nap in my car over lunch, but not really hungry.
  9. Day 5 complete
    Yesterday was horrible!
    Around 11am I started feeling nauseous. Miserable. I was told it was my body detoxing, which makes sense…but WOW, I wanted to die. I didn’t even finish my lunch—which I had been soooo looking forward to. I took a nap in my car over my lunch break. I was considering quitting, but then thought of the lecture my husband would give me on all the time and money I have invested into this and how he KNEW I wouldn’t be able to complete this….that and my trip to FL and wanting to fit into my summer clothes, motivated me to keep going.
    I was not as careful with handling my kid’s food or with bathtime.
    I ate London Broil, lettuce, and strawberries for dinner and that seemed to help. I am still a little queasy today, but not as bad.
    Down 1.8 pounds this morning….the journey continues.
  10. Day 4 complete.
    Psychological warfare. Holy cow.
    Donuts AND potluck at work….I ate 3.5 oz of chicken and some spinach.
    Family had KFC for dinner….I just wanted a bite, but instead had shrimp and a radish.
    Husband went grocery shopping….bought ribs, brats….even cauliflower looked good….I would kill for some ranch!!!
    I don’t even think it’s because I am hungry, I just want what I cant have. I just have to remind myself that ribs and ranch will still be there in 30 days….I can do this….I have to do this, I have invested too much time and money to just quit!!
    Still have left over birthday cupcakes—watched my husband eat one for breakfast.
    Down 2.2 pounds this morning.
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