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  1. Survived the weekend with traveling and MIL’s house full of goodies.
    Maintained, but then up another 0.8 today. Maybe too much fat? I do not want to hit the 2 pound mark and have to do a steak day!!
  2. Weaning...gained .8
    I think because I took a potassium vitamin. lesson learned
  3. Weaning
    down 0.2
  4. Day 25 complete
    Down 2 lbs!!!
    Almost enough to motivate me to keep going…almost.
    Today is day 26; LDW 195.6; down a total of 26 pounds, in 26 days. I start “weaning” today. Looking forward to eggs on Saturday.
  5. Day 24 complete
    Down 0.8
    Today is day 25, and I have decided—my last day on P2. I have decided that having more time on P3 before my vacation will be beneficial and I will just start R2P2 early then previously planned. I am thinking I would rather do three rounds of 23 days on P2, then two 35+ days on P2’s.
    It is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  6. Ok, I am frustrated.
    (D21) Friday I was down 1 lbs
    (D22) Saturday I was down .6 lbs
    (D23) Sunday I down .6 lbs
    (D24) Monday up .6 lbs!!!!!
    The weekend was difficult. Saturday, I ate shrimp, cabbage, and strawberries—while everyone else had a fabulous Easter dinner. The only Easter candy that I touched, was cutting one piece of chocolate in half for my kid.
    Sunday I just had a hard time eating anything. It’s not that I am hungry or that I am craving anything in particular, it’s just I am sick of eating the same boring food and would just assume eat nothing instead. I almost skipped dinner last night, but made myself choke down some more shrimp.
    My goal was 30 days or 30 pounds. I think I will be done on day 26. Today is my day 24 and I am down 23.2 lbs…..I just don’t know if I can do 6 more days, plus 3 days of weaning….I am thinking it would be better to quit now, while I still have self control and just start round 2 earlier.
  7. Day 20 complete
    Down 1 lb
    Down 22.6 total
    Senna tea did not produce a BM…..will try again this weekend.
    Period over. re starting birth control.
    Felt a little light headed yesterday when I stood up too fast.
    Easter weekend approaching; this will be difficult.
  8. Day 19 complete
    up 0.2 ….
    But, that’s ok. I think I kind of cheated on the scale yesterday. I weighed myself, was down .6, so close to under 200; so, I waited an hour and weighed again and leaned to one side and was down another .6 and used that number  I know, I cheated, but I really wanted the scale to be under 200!! So, in all actuality, I probably lost .6 yesterday and another .6 today….OR, I ate the same thing for lunch and dinner yesterday, maybe that caused it? my chicken/cabbage burgers had been in the fridge too long and needed to be eaten or thrown out.
    I drank some Senna/Smooth Moves tea last night, hoping for a BM and a lower number on the scale tomorrow.
  9. Day 18 complete
    Down 1.2
    Officially under 200!!! Hooray!!
    Enjoyed my crab legs last night. I wasn’t sure how you weigh crab meat before you cook it when it is all already cooked and you have to reheat before taking the legs off. But, whatever. I measured out my 3.5 oz and ate it—awesome!! And have left over’s for another day.
  10. Day 17 complete
    Down .6
    I am just happy that I am still losing while I have my period! Bought my crab legs to eat for dinner tonight—cant wait!!
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