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  1. ok, I just registered for this board, not sure if this is the best way to get my question answered, but here I go!
    I have a question in regards to how much a woman’s period affects this diet.
    Due to breast feeding, I haven’t had my period in close to a year (+9 months of pregnancy). My plan is to be done breast feeding March 9th and start the protocol on the 17th (loading the 17th and 18th). I started birth control, 10 days ago, in hopes that would trigger my period, it has not. I took a test and not pregnant (thank God). I am going to stop taking my birth control and see if that kick starts my period.
    So, my question is—can I start this diet without having my period in over a year? Will it mess it up if my period decides to show up in the middle or at the beginning of phase 2? If/when my period starts, I can start taking oral birth control during phase 2 or should I wait until phase 3 ?
    Your thoughts please and thanks.
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