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  1. No, just get back on the 500 Calorie diet and drops. You will need 21 days from the day of the cheat to fix this but you WILL fix this. Hang in there and please let me know if you need anything.
  2. Linda,

    After 3 rounds, this is the only round that this has happend to me, I cheated. I know I could have avoided it but I didnt. The preschool I worked for the past few years just closed down with no notice, and I just couldnt take it, in my mind it was justified, but I knew it was wrong. I am on day 11 and -15.6lbs. How do I start back up? Do i re-load? or do i just jump back on and keep going? Since I cheated does that mean i can do an intense workout today and it be ok? Please help
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