View Full Version : Tired and no energy P3

04-24-2012, 11:32 AM
Hi,I'm in P3, starting 3rd week. I have been very tired the past few days. Just had TOM last week.

I've been eating at least 6oz of protein 3x a day and sometimes 2-3oz for snacks (if I'm hungry in between meals), also a veggie or 2 with meals and 1 or 2 fruits if hungry. I haven't added too many fats other than ranch dressing, little butter and some peanut butter but I've noticed the scale goes up if I have too much fat. I have also been drinking more coffee than I have been for phase 2. For the first 2 weeks on P3 I had a lot of energy, I'm assuming due to more food and more protein. My normal water intake is about 80-100 oz give or take I have also been drinking 32oz of Yerba Mate everyday.

My question is, could my body be getting back into "normal" mode and I have to adjust my protein and/or carbs or maybe I need some extra vitamins/minerals because I've had more coffee than normal? I've heard that coffee can deplete and take away nutrients from your body.

Any thoughts, anyone been there?

04-24-2012, 01:26 PM
I would start taking vitamins now. I doubt your diet is causing the fatigue. It might be you are fighting a cold or something. Let me know how you are doing.