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04-20-2012, 01:22 PM
I decided to try this diet awhile ago and have been waiting to be done breast feeding….well, I am done. No more waiting. Scary. Time to change my life. Will start loading this weekend.

Days 1-2 loading. Gained 2lbs!!
Diet started!!
Things worked out that I was able to start loading this weekend. today is my first day of the VLCD….I am hungry. Gained like 2 pounds while loading…but it was so worth it 
This morning I wanted a left over cupcake for breakfast, but I didn’t. I had green tea that tasted like ass instead. I changed my baby’s diaper and forgot gloves, this diet is going to be a lot about changing habits for me.
Diet Coke—I will miss you.

Day 3 complete. down 3.2 lbs!!!
Day one of the VLCD complete, made a few mistakes—Bragg’s Amino’s, one too many bread sticks, but still lost 3.2 pounds!! On to day two—pot luck at work….I must resist.

Day 4 complete. Down 2.2 lbs
Psychological warfare. Holy Cow!!
Donuts AND a potluck at work. I ate 3.5 oz of chicken and some spinach. At home for dinner, the family had KFC and I sooooo wanted a bite, but instead had shrimp and a radish.
Husband went grocery shopping….bought ribs and brats…even cauliflower looked good….I would kill for some ranch dressing!
I don’t even think it’s because I am hungry, I just want what I cant have. I just have to remind myself that ribs and ranch will still be there in 30 days…I can do this…I have to do this…I have invested too much time and money to just quit.
We still have left over birthday cupcakes—I watched my husband eat one for breakfast.

Day 5 complete. Down 1.8 lbs
Yesterday was horrible!!!
Around 11 am I started feeling nauseous. Miserable. I was told, (online, Linda), that is was my body detoxing, which makes since…but WOW. I wanted to die. I didn’t even finish my lunch—which I had been sooo looking forward to eating. I took a nap in my car over my lunch break. I was considering wuitting, but then thought of the lecture my husband would give me on all the time and money that I had invested into this and how he KNEW I wouldn’t be able to complete this…that and my trip to FL and wanting to fit into my summer clothes, motivated me to keep going.
I was not as careful with handling my kids food or with bath time.
Still a little queasy today, but better….the journey continues.

Day 6 complete. Down 2.2 lbs!!
Unbelievable. This diet works!!! However, I would seriously kill for some damn ketchup or ranch dressing or even some mayo!!!
Eating food simply for nutrition, not because it taste good, is a hard habit to form.
Please tell me they make suger free ketchup that I can use in Phase 3!!
Still a little nauseous yesterday and another little car nap over lunch.

Day 7 complete. Down 1.4 lbs
First day of the VLCD at home and not work…having to deal with kids, their food, their diapers, and other possible “contaminates” that might adversely affect the HCG.
I made the mistake of eating imitation crab meat!!! So disappointed with myself. I should have been more careful and read the package. Only 3 bites and within 20 minutes I was in the bathroom. I am amazed at how such a small amount of sugar affected my body. On the plus side, I had my first BM in three days.

Day 8 complete. Down 3 lbs!!
I was scared the crab meat mistake might affect my progress, but it didn’t…or maybe it still will? Didn’t drink enough water yesterday. I wanted chapstick.

Day 9 complete. Down 0.8
Decided that don’t like cod fish.

Day 10 complete. Down 0.2
Disappointed. Thanks a lot imitation crab meat!!! If I was going to chat, it would have been on something better then imitation crab meat!!! Hello—there were like 5 different cakes at work last week, I would have eaten one of those to cheat!!!
On the positive note, I have now lost a total of 14 pounds!!!

Day 11 complete….LOST ZERO
Angry. Disappointed. I hope this is from the crab meat and not something else. I don’t think that I made any dietary mistakes. If you look over the past four days, I have lost four pounds, so that’s a pound a day—trying to stay positive.

Day 12 complete. Down 1.8 lbs…FINALLY
I sort of feel like a crack addict, waiting for next dose of HCG, making sure that I always have my bottle with me, watching the clock; kind of funny.

Day 13 complete. Down 0.4 –17 lbs total!!!
I ate venison last night (3.5 oz)
Here is my reason—we are allowed different types of fish, as long as it is natural and white meat. London Broil is not the same today as it was 50 years ago. I have gone to the meat market and asked for London Broil twice and gotten two different things, even though they researched it for me—once a roast, once a steak. So, I figured, different red meats should be allowed, if lean and trimmed of fat and in moderation. So, I gave the venison a try. I lost weight…I think I would have lost more, but I did have “London Broil” the day before. I am going to keep venison as an option, with caution, but I think it is safe….at least for me….this will be more cost efficient.

Days 14, 15, 16, complete. Down a total of 20 pounds!!
I tried a shot of apple sider vinegar over the weekend to help with leg cramping—big mistake…though it did help with the cramping, I felt sick all day. Gross. Never again.
I got my period a week early, even while on birth control—which, I just stopped taking and will start a new pack on Sunday; hopefully my period only last a week and not two!!
Discovered the joy of ground chicken and cabbage burgers—awesome!! Made watching my family eat BBQ ribs a little easier.
Husband agreed that as a reward for losing 20 pounds I can splurge and buy crab legs.

Day 17 complete. Down 0.6 lbs
I am just happy that I am still losing while I have my period. Bought my crab legs to eat for dinner tonight—cant wait!!

Day 18 complete. Down 1.2 lbs
Officially under 200 pounds!!! Hooray!!
Enjoyed my crab legs last night. I wasn’t sure how you would weigh crab legs since you have to cook them before taking them out of the shell/leg; but, whatever, I weighed them after boiling them and ate 3.5 oz and it was awesome!!!

Day 19 complete. Up 0.2!!!
But that’s ok, I think I kind of cheated on the scale yesterday. I weighed myself and was down .6 –which was so close to being under 200; so I waited an hour and weighed myself again and leaned to one side and was down another 0.6 and use that number  I know, I cheated, I just really wanted to be under 200. So, I figure that I lose 0.6 each day….or maybe it is because I ate the same thing for lunch and dinner yesterday and maybe that caused it? I will drink some Senna/Smooth Moves tea tonight, hoping for a BM and a lower number on the scale tomorrow.

Day 20 complete. Down 1 lb –total 22.6 lbs
Senna tea did not work. I will try again this weekend. My period is over, re starting birth control. Easter weekend is approaching, this will be difficult.

Day 21 down 1 lbs
Day 22 down 0.6lbs
Day 23 down 0.6 lbs
Day 24 up 0.6 lbs
Easter weekend was hard. I ate shrimp while everyone else had a fabulous meal. I didn’t even touch a piece of candy. Sunday I just had a hard time eating anything, I am sick of eating the same things over and over again. I would just assume not eat anything at all. I almost skipped dinner last night, but made myself eat.
My goal was 30 days or 30 pounds. I think I will be done at 26 days. I just don’t know if I can do 6 more days PLUS 3 days of weaning. I am thinking it would be better to quit now while I still have self control and just start round 2 early then planned.

Day 24 complete. Down 0.8 lbs
Today is day 25 and I have decided today is my last day of P2. I would rather do three shorter rounds of P2 than two longer rounds. This will also give me more time to stabilize before my trip. It is nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 25 complete. Down 2 lbs!!!!
Almost enough to motivate me to keep going…almost.

Today is day 26; LDW 195.6; down a total of 26 pounds, in 26 days. I start weaning today….looking forward to eggs on Saturday.

04-20-2012, 02:05 PM
Sounds like your first round was awesome !! I went 47 days and lost 25.4 .
Where in Florida are you going on Vacation?
Congrats to you !!!!!!

04-20-2012, 02:39 PM
How are your measurements in Phase 3? I feel smaller but havent went down a pants sz yet ? My pants are baggy now but next sz is still to tight.
Thanks !

04-21-2012, 10:04 AM
Katetree, thanks for posting and letting us share your journey. And congrats on your weight loss - 26 lbs is AWESOME!

04-21-2012, 11:17 AM
Congrats Katetree! ~ Linda

04-21-2012, 11:29 AM
AWESOME!!! you did a very GOOD JOB!!! gives me HOPE :-) Thanks for SHARING!!! I started my 1st HCG drops and loading today...I am forcing myself to eat...OMG...I know on day 3 imma want all this food...LOL

04-21-2012, 12:29 PM
It is amazing how the appetite goes away very quickly. Eating is a chore but very important to success.

04-23-2012, 09:12 AM
Thanks everyone and I hope my story motivates....it is so worth it!
Melanie, I am going to Fort Myers to visit my sister, so excited - first trip without the kids, i will miss them, but so looking forward to it :) Im in northern MN and it was 35F this morning! Bring on the heat!

04-23-2012, 12:04 PM
NORTHERN MINNESOTA???? Yikes! So true - come Spring come!!!

04-23-2012, 12:20 PM
Thanks everyone and I hope my story motivates....it is so worth it!
Melanie, I am going to Fort Myers to visit my sister, so excited - first trip without the kids, i will miss them, but so looking forward to it :) Im in northern MN and it was 35F this morning! Bring on the heat!

Your going to love sunny Florida weather! Have a great time with your sister !