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08-12-2013, 01:44 PM
Hey Friends, I'm back from vacation - it was a wonderful week of relaxation by the beach and a great birthday celebration.

However, I was not prepared either emotionally or physically for the week as it related to food. I'm very lucky I continued to lose as much weight as I did from the LDW or the whole trip would have been a giant mess. I am still "new" here so I'm not one to give advice, but you have to be READY AND COMMITTED to do this program while you go on vacation - even if it puts others out. You also have to be committed to sticking to the right things if you're going out to eat. There are plenty of proper selections of food - you just have to be ready to make those choices. And you have to stay away from the stuff you're not supposed to eat, even if it looks good. It's too easy to ruin your progress, as I quickly learned.

Night 1 - we went out to dinner and I had shrimp and scallops and veggies - not too bad - but with white rice and fried calamari which both are out of bounds. And of course, there were several drinks. weight - up 3.2 lbs
Night 2 - dinner at home, chicken and veggies (to offset the massive shock from the day before) - weight down 1.2 lbs
Night 3 - dinner at home, pork ribs and a lot of them - weight up 1.8 lbs

From there, it went up and up and up. I never drank enough water and that probably contributed to the extreme bout of constipation (sorry if that's TMI but hey, it goes along with this diet it seems) which lasted for 4 days and even then, I had to take some strong meds to get things "right". I ate and drank all kinds of things I wasn't supposed to (including breads, which is a major no-no until week 6) and totally destroyed all the weight I lost from my LDW. In the end, I gained nearly 10 lbs in one week. The steak day officially hit yesterday and my weight dropped down a little this morning, and now I'm only 0.8 lbs over my LDW. Today I'm sticking to chicken and veggies and the lean diet from earlier in the protocol to try to offset some more of the damage I've done in the last week.

This is week 5 and supposed to be more natural sugars and starches but now I'm afraid of anything that isn't chicken or veggies until I get more of the weight I gained off. I'm 12 days away from starting R2 of the diet so I am not even sure WHAT to do now other than follow the protocol and try to hope I didn't completely screw my brain up by eating all these bad foods and the wrong time.

So Linda - did I really mess it up or can this be salvaged before I go into round 2? I know I can't be the first person on this diet that has totally messed it up and eaten things that they weren't supposed to....can it be fixed?

08-12-2013, 07:57 PM
That much of a swing is going to be a challenge for your stabilization. However, It can be fixed and you will re-stabilize. it will just take time. Be patient and stick with Phase 3 food until future notice.

08-13-2013, 09:41 AM
I'm definitely sticking with a P2/P3 approach to foods. Since I've been back, I've dropped 3.0 lbs in 2 days...so yeah, my weight is all over the place. I had a gut feeling (no pun intended) that I was going to stabilize around 170 lbs because my weight was jumping back and forth around that number just before I left on vacation. (170.6, 171, 169.4, 170.4). If that was the "magic" number, then I'm only about 6 lbs off that stabilization weight - but like I mentioned, I am supposed to start R2 in about 2 weeks....am I still on track to do that?

08-13-2013, 10:51 AM
Yes, you can start round 2 in a couple weeks. You will likely struggle with your weight until then but hang in there. You will be back on P2 before you know it.

08-13-2013, 11:35 AM
Thanks Linda - P2 was easy and I'll be ready for it. And I won't blow it on P3/P4 next time. :( Thankfully we don't have any vacations planned lol. I'm doing a lot of chicken salads with spinach and veggies until R2 starts. Oh and shrimp. They seem to agree with me in P3 which is nice, because in P2, they were a nightmare.

I'll be so glad when this is all done and I'm at my goal weight because I have to say this whole process is exhausting as much as it is rewarding. BUT, I've learned enough in the last 6 weeks to know how to eat smarter and how to watch my weight more consistently to avoid putting myself back into the same size I was.

08-13-2013, 11:42 AM
No good results are easy gained. Yes it is hard and can be exhausting but the changes are sooooooo worth it.