View Full Version : recipe for phase 3? not sure if it's ok.....

07-13-2013, 12:45 PM
Would this be okay on Phase 3 and how far in? I've been dying to try it after I saw it on Facebook....I'm reading a few contradictory things about cocoa ... as long as it's unsweetened, I think it's okay though right?

Skinny Shake

3/4 cup Almond Milk
about 15 ice cubes
Stevia Vanilla flavored drops (to taste)
1-2 Tbsp unsweetened Cocoa powder
1/3 of a Banana

It's supposed to taste like a Wendy's frosty and for anyone that has had one...they are CRAZY good.

Tiffany Reynolds Volkman
07-13-2013, 05:30 PM
Not sure on the cocoa but the banana makes it phase 4. It sounds good though. Anyone else know on the cocoa?

07-14-2013, 11:23 AM
Thanks for the advice...I'll leave it as a celebration for making it to phase 4 :)

07-14-2013, 11:26 AM
Banana definitely makes it Phase 4. I will move it over to that section. Powdered cocoa is fine for later in Phase 3.