View Full Version : Dropper and dosage question

01-15-2013, 11:56 AM
I could not find this anywhere in about 4 searches with varied criteria, so here goes:

The dose is 6 drops or 0.3 milliliters or 300 microliters. (if my research is correct, based on a baseline of distilled water)
Do the droppers provided have graduated measurements? If not, I will purchase some at the pharmacy so i can be quick but precise.
I use a digital scale for my meat that is also pharmacy grade, so I like to keep everything as exact as possible. (Ok, I was in AP chemistry back in high school on top of currently being a geek)

Just wondering if anyone else has resorted to similar methods for measuring?

01-15-2013, 12:12 PM
The droppers are standard industry droppers. 6 drops 6 times a day is sufficient dosage for most people. If there are problems with weight loss or hunger I usually work with the individual to get the dosage right for their body. Most issues arrise with the measurement of the food. The most precise measurements must be for the protein. Measuring grams is very accurate. I would not use ounces to measure.