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11-15-2011, 11:57 PM
Grandma's Hamburger Relish
(This is an old recipe that my grandma used to make to put on hamburgers and I just love it!)

Half of a head of cabbage
Half of a white onion (whole onion if it is small)
1 green pepper (without seeds and white parts inside)
Dill pickles (couple of handfuls of sliced)
Yellow Mustard

OK, I know these measurements aren't exact, but I don't have an original recipe. You put the cabbage, onion, green pepper and pickles in a food processor (not necessarily all at the same time) and chop it up. You want the pieces small but not liquefied. I think I put about a cup of mayo and probably 2-3 T. of mustard in and a little salt. Mix it all up and use it as a topping on hamburger patties or hotdogs. I've discovered I like to eat it like it is Cole Slaw too. Hope you enjoy it!