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11-15-2011, 11:53 AM
I want to be sure to stress the importance of the starting immediately following your time of the month. However, if you have 10 days between the days you are starting the hCG protocol and your expected menses you can immediately start.

If you follow the below instructions you will do very well.

Phase 2 begins by eating high fat (listed below) while on drops. On day three you switch to the VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet. I recommend you start on days when you can be at home because you can be uncomfortable eating a lot of high fat food.

Do this on the first day of Phase 2 Day 1 (Loading Day):
Upon rising, relieve yourself, strip naked and weigh yourself - this is your starting weight. Make a note of this weight on your Weight Tracking Chart (download from our Member’s Only Website) Take your drops. Looking in a mirror drop 6 individual DROPS under your tongue. Hold there a minimum of 15 seconds. Do not eat within 30 minutes or drink within 15 minutes of dosing. You may find your appetite quickly leaves. Don't go by your appetite when loading. Your goal is to stay full of the following food for 2 complete days. You will not be hungry and will probably be very uncomfortable. This is why I stress doing this when you don't have to work as you will feel quite uncomfortable - almost like you are coming down with a flu. This is normal, don't worry. Your body will be detoxing causing a slight headache (take Aspirin for this) and possible nausea and as stated earlier it is likely you can sometimes feel like you are getting the flu.

Eat to capacity for the first two days of the following while taking your hCG:
real butter (not margarine) soaked everything
bacon, sausage eggs cooked in its grease
deep fried everything
heavy whipping cream (great in coffee and whipped up on cheesecake and ice cream or even drunk from the carton)
half and half milk
cream cheese
pizza with extra toppings pepperoni, sausage and cheese
chocolate – milk or white chocolate
ice cream – custard or gelato if you can get it (higher fat)
fettuccine alfredo
peanut butter or any nuts – make sure you don’t use salted ones

Avoid carbs like bread cookies etc. They will but off quickly in your system. You want fat not carbs.

When you are thirsty drink milk or heavy cream and don't fill up on water or soda. It is a waste of space in your stomach.

Also, during these two days put as much lotion on as you can. Really drench your body with lotion or oil. This will be your one chance to moisturize your body because the rest of Phase 2 protocol will not allow lotions.
On the beginning of the third day switch to the VLCD diet. Each day beginning on the 3rd day drink at least 3/4 of a gallon or 3 liters of water. Lots of coffee and green tea too.
You can find the actual diet here on the Phase 2 forum.

Let me know if you have any questions!