View Full Version : Dizzy/Lightheaded/Hungry P2D4R1

05-23-2012, 05:19 PM
P2D4R1 Down 2 lbs. On dr. Prescribed HCG nasal spray. I mentally prepared and read about this diet for a whole month before starting. I didn't expect to be this hungry! I am feeling very dizzy, light headed, irritable and hungry. I'm drinking about 100oz of water a day and took an epsom salt bath last night (heard that can help). I think I messed up loading on Day2. I missed dinner and ate macademia nuts, whipped cream, and a cookie instead. I am also very itchy all-over. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

05-23-2012, 07:33 PM
I am not familiar with the nasal spray, but it sounds like you are having detox symptoms, which are normal for the first week. Unfortunately, if you do not load well, you can experience more hunger during the early days. I am not sure about the itching, but that could also be detoxing, I would think. My suggestion is that you just hang tough and get through these early days. It will get better and you will be so glad you stuck with it. Sounds like you did alot of preparation and you are already loosing. I did four rounds and have lost 86 pounds, so I promise you that it works, if you can just stay the course.

05-23-2012, 09:34 PM
Thank you for writing Nancy. 86 pounds is impressive! That is inspiring. I will make it through this week no matter what, but I am so dizzy and nauseas. I am drinking green tea and mint tea like crazy as I hear they can help. Even tested my blood sugar to make sure it wasn't too low - it was normal. Read online that sometimes the hcg needs to be adjusted up if hunger occurs? I will call my M.D. tomorrow and see what he says.

05-23-2012, 09:51 PM
That is true about adjusting the HCG, so I would check with your doctor. Not sure exactly which protocol you are following, but I don't think Linda would recommend the mint tea. I did have some dizzy episodes, but not so early in the protocol, and they only lasted a minute or two and usually happened if I jumped up too quickly. Never had any nausea or hunger. It feels like low blood sugar sometimes, but I think what you are experiencing is your body detoxing.

05-23-2012, 10:29 PM
Unfortunately, the first week is like that. The HCG is not up to full strength yet. I promise it will get better. I want to speak with you offline about your hunger. Send me an email Linda@yourhcg.com.